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    good morgen all repairs,

    is there a way to find the schematics from Power Mac G5's A820-1498-A?
    I have here a faulty macbook logic board and want too repair it with components from a G5 Power Mac logic board.
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    Can I ask what the fault is with the G5 Powermac? you won't get anywhere using schematics for other boards as they are produced differently and employ other technologies to that of macbook / macbook pro's and no components within would be suitable to work on a G5 logic board. If you can tell me the symptoms given, then I can give you the right directions as to what to look at. Be aware that as there's a number of G5 build types, they use different PSU's with power rails and mount types, what's worse is the various board models which feature PCIX, PCIE, change from air cooled sinks to liquid cooled, etc, so ensure you can identify the system clearly by serial / build ID. G5's are a bugger to work on, believe me, been there, done it 300 times over, worn the shirt, never again

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